92-77 Queens Boulevard – Rego Park, New York

Project Type: Mixed-use / New-build

Size: 31,000 SF

Developer: Atlas Projects Inc.

Architect: TarLan Design-Build, LLC

92-77 Queens Boulevard is a mixed-use development located in Rego Park, New York. The building consists of 6 stories, and was converted from commercial use only to mixed-use, with a 50 room Wyndham hotel on the upper floors and commercial space on the lower floors. Its structure type is of structural steel framing, with concrete and metal deck flooring. Steel moment frames are used to resist lateral forces and an intricate dunnage system was designed using design software and other engineering procedures. Special features of this location include the only drive through Starbucks in the area, and a Retro Fitness gymnasium.

202 North 10th Street

Project Type: Conversion

Size: 19,000 sq. ft.

Developer: Tom Finnican

Architect: KMP Design & Engineering, PLLC

This project entails the conversion of an existing factory into residential use. The final steel framed structure to be 4 stories in height.

348 Nostrand Avenue

Project Type:Residential / New-build

Size:40,000 SF

Developer:Lynn Kornblum

Architect:TarLan Design-Build, LLC

348 Nostrand Avenue is a new 7 story steel frame building which consists of 29 residential units on the lower floors and one full penthouse apartment on the top. It also includes a cellar level below grade, with 16 parking spaces.

238.5 East 83rd Street

Project Type:Residential / Renovation


Developer:Cameo Builders

Architect:LAB Architecture Design Development

Located in upper Manhattan, this renovation project entailed the addition of 2 stories on an existing 3 story building, and the 2 story horizontal extension (basement and 1st floor) at the rear of the building. The top floor was set back, with roof access via staircase and elevator shaft. The residence will host a media room and an exercise room for recreational purposes. The superstructure of the rear addition consists of structural steel and concrete on metal deck. Light gage steel joists were used to support the new upper floors, and the lateral system is composed of reinforced CMU and light gage metal stud walls Both integral engineering principles and software were implemented for structural design of this building.

134 East 28th Street – New York, NY

Project Type: Residential/Renovation

Size: 3,440 SF


Architect: TarLan Design-Build, LLC

Located in Kips Bay, this project entailed the alteration of an existing 4 story residential masonry structure and the addition of 2 new steel framed stories (approximately 1,600 SF). The design also included the addition of a 1 story extension at the rear of the existing building approximately 1,356 square feet and extension from the 2nd floor through the 6th floor of approximately 480 square feet. This masonry building consists of plywood and concrete flooring, with the roof made up of concrete and metal flooring.

1158 5th Avenue – New York, NY

Project Type: Residential / Renovation


Developer: Design, Construction Inc.

Architect: Giannasaca Gallo Architects, PC

The renovation to this property entailed the alteration of the duplex penthouse to include new steel dunnage for the support of mechanical units with a maximum operating weight of 250 lbs. each, and also the addition of a hot tub to apartment 16B/PH.

1719 Nostrand Avenue – Brooklyn, New York

Project Type: Residential / New-build / Mixed-use

Size: 25,400 SF

Developer: Lynn Kornblum

Architect: TarLan Design-Build, LLC

This new 7 story steel framed building comprises of a total of 17 apartments – 2,700 square feet of ground floor retail space, 2,600 square feet of medical offices on the second floor, 2 apartments on the third floor, 4 on the 4th through 6th and 33 on the 7th floor. It also includes a cellar level below grade and an 8-car parking space. The building has access to its roof by means of both stairs and an elevator. An approximately 400 square feet terrace/recreation area is located on the 7th floor. The superstructure consists of hot-rolled structural steel beams and columns, with a composite floor system of concrete on metal deck. Diagonal cross-members (steel angles) and CMU shear walls were designed for to resist the lateral forces.


837 2nd Avenue

Project Type:Commercial / Renovation

Size:18,250 sq. ft.


Architect:Tarlan Design-Build, LLC

Located in Manhattan, this renovation project entails the addition of 1 story on an existing 5 story commercial building.

1645 East 19th Street – Brooklyn, New York

Project Type: Commercial / New-build

Size: 17,000 SF

Developer: KMP Design and Engineering, PLLC


This project was the construction of a new 7 story steel framed building for use as medical offices. Design includes a cantilever five floors over the driveway.

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